Bourbon does not have to be expensive. Top distilleries around Kentucky produce excellent bourbons for under $25 a bottle.

Here are five bourbons that made the list:  

  1. Old Forester: A rich and spicy bourbon that is best served on the rocks
  2. Wild Turkey 101: A lower-proof entry that allows more flavor from the mash bill. This bourbon is better utilized in mixed drinks.
  3. Four Roses: An entry-level bourbon full of flavor that is better for doing shots rather than sipping.
  4. Jim Beam: This bourbon is the utility player on the list.  It can be used in just about any way possible.
  5. Ezra Brooks: A full-bodied and rich bourbon good for mixing and on the rocks
  6. Rebel Yell: This wheated bourbon is great for mixing. It has been described as fruity and smooth to the palate.
  7. Old Overholt Bonded: A rye bourbon that is the bonded version of the original. A spicy and vanilla taste allows this bourbon to be sipped.

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