What makes bourbon unique? The laws have changed, but most recently, secondary maturation can be included as part of the bourbons age statement, as long as it is stated. We compiled a list of bourbons that we think live outside the box, either with the way it was cask aged or finished.

Here is our top ten list of unique aged and aged bourbons: 

  1. Barrell Dovetail
  2. Woodinville PX Sherry Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  3. Garrison Brothers Guadalupe
  4. Rebel Bourbon Finished In Tawny Port Barrels
  5. Maker’s Mark 46 Cask Strength
  6. Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon 101
  7. Widow Jane Decadence
  8. Heaven’s Door Redbreast Master Blender’s Edition
  9. Belle Meade Bourbon Honey Cask Finish
  10. Old Charter Oak Mongolian Oak

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