March is here and I am ready for spring. Here in Kentucky, we have not had much of a winter. Just the other day, it was 82 degrees and sunny. But in Kentucky we have a saying, “Just hold your breath a minute and the seasons change.” With that said, what are we drinking in March?

If you are a college basketball fan, this is your month. Conference tournaments will be starting shortly and that leads us into March Madness. Nothing is better on a Thursday and Friday than turning on the TV and seeing multiple college basketball games at noon. The hard part is picking what bourbon to enjoy while watching your favorite team.

The granddaddy of all drinking days, St. Patrick’s Day, is on a Friday this year and you know what that means? People, People, People…a word of caution: Be careful this year and celebrate with a little class. Never drink and drive and always enjoy your bourbon responsibly.

In the next couple of days, The Bourbon Flight will be releasing its March Bourbon Brackets. Be sure to vote for your favorite.

Here is what I am drinking in the month of March.

Everyday Sipper
Clyde May’s Straight Bourbon 

  • This sweet bourbon has the flavors of citrus and brown sugar notes throughout with a deep cherry finish. Perfect for the warm days and cold nights of March.


St. Patrick’s Day
Keepers Heart Irish + Bourbon 

  • Irish bourbon? Exactly. The sweet taste of bourbon mixed with earth spices from a single pot of Irish whisky grain. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?



March Madness Thursday
Monk’s Road Cold Spring 6-Year-Old

  • Depending on your team’s seed, you should bring out the good stuff early. This is a great, straightforward bourbon that pairs well with anything you can throw at it. Remember, it is just a game. No one needs to break items in your house.


March Madness Friday
OH Ingram River Aged 105 Whiskey

  • A bourbon aged on a river? Count me in. It’s a little higher than other similar bourbons, but it’s a basketball holiday. Full of flavor and a punch of caramel with a good helping of wheat, this bourbon is perfect for a long night of hoops.

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