BENDT Distilling Co. of Lewisville, Texas, is releasing their latest extension in the UNBENDT Straight whiskey lineup: UNBENDT Straight Bourbon – Bottled in Bond.

This highly anticipated release follows the release of UNBENDT Straight Wheat Whiskey and UNBENDT Straight Malt Whiskey in 2022. This bourbon, highlighting local Texas grains, comprises Denton County Yellow Dent Corn, Texas Elbon Rye, and 6-Row Distillers Malt.

It is aged for at least four years in the volatile Texas climate using standard 53-gallon new charred American white oak barrels. At 100  proof/50% ABV, this whiskey warms up with vanilla, oak and caramel, leading to a lingering sweet finish, and this expression highlights the true taste of what BENDT believes Texas whiskey is all about.

This bourbon was distilled in January 2018 by head distiller and founder Ryan DeHart. With this limited release, five barrels were carefully selected by head blender and founder Natasha DeHart.

“We’ve found that our sweet spot in north Texas is between four and six years in a  barrel, allowing the whiskey to shine and best represent what we stand for at BENDT,” Natasha says. “It’s extremely important to pull barrels at just the right time. With our volatile Texas climate, barrels get a workout. Sampling regularly  and keeping a close eye on the aging process of each batch is key for consistency in the flavor profile.”

The first release of  Bourbon is expected to hit select retail stores and restaurants around March 2, Texas Independence Day, and is the first of two releases in 2023. The suggested retail price for UNBENDT Straight Bourbon is $59.99 per 750ml bottle.

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