This is The Bourbon Flight’s top stories of 2022. Looking back, it has been an amazing year for us. We started a bourbon club (Flight Club), a weekly and review newsletter, and sponsored many events. We are now setting our sights on 2023. We are in the process of creating The Bourbon Flight quarterly magazine and many other sponsorships and events.

From all of us at The Bourbon Flight, thank you for making 2022 so special.

Number 1
The Holidays are coming. Here are the best whiskey Advent calendars for 2022

  • Nothing is better than coming downstairs during the holidays and opening an Advent calendar. This is especially true when there is whiskey inside. Now, maybe you pace yourself and open the calendar after five o’clock, but who am I to judge?

Number 2
Top ten wheated bourbons

  • Wheated bourbon options continue to soar in 2022, and The Bourbon Flight has put together our top ten favorites. Wheated bourbon usually tends to be a little softer and sweeter. Wheat is used as a secondary ingredient instead of rye or barley.

Number 3
The Bard Distillery to release a limited-edition John Prine bourbon

  • The Bard Distillery has collaborated with Oh Boy Records and The Hello In There Foundation to release a special limited edition bourbon in honor of legendary singer/songwriter Joh Prine. Limited to only 6,000 bottles, this special expression of Muhlenberg bourbon will be available for purchase in Nashville, Tennesee.

Number 4
Buffalo Trace releases its 2022 Antique Collection, including Stagg

  • Fans of extra aged and uncut, unfiltered whiskies will be excited to see Buffalo Trace Distillery releasing its full lineup of Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (BTAC) this fall, including perennial favorite George T. Stagg.

Number 5
What’s in a sip? Best sipping bourbons

  • A small mouthful of a drink” is a sip in formal terms. To be considered a great sipping bourbon, the spirit must be something special on the palate, not just one note. It must be complex and resonate throughout the sip. The build-up from the smell, taste and lingering finish should complement each other.

Number 6
High West releases The Prisoner’s Share

  • High West has announced the release of The Prisoner’s Share, a blend of straight bourbon and straight rye whiskeys finished in The Prisoner Red Blend wine barrels. High West The Prisoner’s Share is bottled at 51% ABV (102 proof) and will be available in limited quantities

Number 7
8 American Whiskey trends to watch, presented by Heaven Hill Distillery

  • Amid this ongoing American Whiskey boom, Heaven Hill Distillery looked for insights into some active and emerging industry trends by sitting down with several subject-matter experts. We learned that American Whiskey isn’t just about what’s in the bottle. It’s a hobby for collectors, barrel pickers and drinkers of story-rich sippers like rye and Bottled-in-Bonds.

Number 8
Five of the best Bottled-in-Bond Bourbons

  • First passed in 1897, the Bottled-in-Bond Act is a crucial piece of quality control that defines the whiskey industry. For a bourbon to be labeled ‘bonded’ or ‘bottled-in-bond,’ it must adhere to this prominent American legislation.

Number 9
Top five or so smoothest bourbons

  • What defines a smooth-tasting bourbon? Usually, smoothness is a drinkable bourbon that does not entail a burning or scratching sensation in the mouth. Here in bourbon country, we just call it a “Kentucky Hug.” The burning sensation is the main reason that newbies quit bourbon altogether.

Number 10
Maker’s Mark releases Wood Finishing Series BRT-01 & BRT-02

  • Our fourth Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series may be the easiest way to taste your way through the rickhouse.  The name BRT was given to these expressions because of the influence our consistent practice of hand-barrel rotation (BRT) and the temperature has on our whisky process.

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