There is nothing better than coming downstairs during the holidays and opening an Advent calendar. This is especially true when there is whiskey inside.

Now, maybe you pace yourself and open the calendar after five o-clock, but who am I to judge?

When purchasing a whiskey Advent calendar, keep in mind your budget and the content. Typically, the calendar has 24 days. If half of the drams in the lot are whiskies you like, it may be worth the purchase, but if not, don’t bother wasting your money.

Be on the lookout for calendars that offer additional swag, like branded glasses, coasters, or hats. Also, check the distillery’s websites for branded Advent calendars. These calendars may offer the best bang for your buck if you like a certain brand.

My best Advent calendar purchases came with guides or links to interactive videos and tasting notes. These additions enhance your tasting experience and are very informative.

Here are the best whiskey Advent calendars according to The Bourbon Flight for 2022 and where to purchase them.

Bourbon & American Whiskey Advent Calendar (2022 Edition): We have so much to offer in terms of whiskey. What better way to explore it than through Drinks by the Dram’s Bourbon & American Whiskey Advent Calendar? The calendar has 24 windows and holds a different wax-sealed 30ml dram of whiskey from some of the state’s best producers. You can expect each sample to bring a new flavor to the table with a range of bourbon, rye, Tennessee whiskey, and more. $187.99

Whiskey Advent Calendar 2022: This calendar has 24 curated whiskies from the best distilleries in the world and can be delivered directly to your home or office. this is the best packaging in the market, in my opinion. Four Roses, Maker’s Mark and Elijah Craig are just some of the bourbons hiding in this calendar. $139.99

Jim Beam 12 Days of Whiskey: Celebrate Jim Beam Whiskey throughout the month of December with the Jim Beam Whiskies of the Season Holiday Sampler Set. See what each day has in store for you while enjoying your favorite Jim Beam product or discover a new favorite for the holidays! $19.99

Americana Collection: This is a treat for your taste buds. 24 x 30ml bottles of sensational American whiskeys. From the sweet, smooth notes of bourbon to the intense complexity of rye, this collection has been hand-picked to take you on an evocative journey across the USA, one unforgettable spirit at a time. $179.99

All American Whiskey and Bourbon: Count down to Christmas with 24 x 30ml bottles of sensational American whiskeys and bourbons. From the sweet, smooth notes of bourbon right through to the intense complexity of rye whiskey, this selection has been hand-picked to give you a sensory journey through the United States, one unforgettable spirit at a time. $179.99

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