Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
The bourbon sample used for this review was provided at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

Husband and wife duo of Colby and Ashley Frey have released an uncut version of its popular grain-to-glass Four Grain Bourbon.

The Nevada distillery has been in operation since 2006 and the couple has been producing some damn fine whiskey since.

Typically, this distillery stays around 90 proof for its expressions, but they have released a high-proof whiskey before named Hazmat Single Barrel Bourbon that will blow your head off at 140.18 proof if you are not careful.

Unlike the Hazmat release, the Uncut release is 124.3 proof and is much more palatable to the everyday connoisseur.

I am always hesitant to taste a bourbon higher than 110 proof because, in my opinion, the flavors get lost in the heat. I was pleasantly surprised when I could decipher cinnamon, burnt caramel, and clove notes during my first sip.

The mouthfeel was smooth, not heavy or oily, and the heat was welcome. Too often, distilleries try to decapitate you when they release a cask-strength bourbon, but not here. The burn paired well with the other flavors and did not deter from the experience.

The finish did not disappoint as cinnamon and clove continued through to the end. I did detect subtle hints of cherry father back in my throat, which completed the experience.

The higher proof will scare some bourbon fans away, but it shouldn’t. Frey Ranch Uncut will make you rethink how you feel about higher-proof bourbons.

This whiskey receives 4/5 Barrels.

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