The iconic brand Four Roses has been around since the late 1800s. Since then, there have been a few changes, but we can agree that the distillery’s bottles are exquisite. The food and beverage website Tasting Table agrees and has ranked the 13 best bottles from Four Roses Distillery.

Four Roses Bourbon (13)

  • The entry price point for the brand. Usable on all occasions, a great mixer, and even sippable.

Four Roses Small Batch (12)

  • Only $10 more than the original. This small batch shines in an Old Fashioned.

Four Roses Small Batch Select (11)

  • A six-blended recipe, introduced in 2019, is sweeter than other Four Roses offerings.

Four Roses Single Barrel (10)

  • One of my favorites, this bourbon is easy on the pallet and under $50; you cannot go wrong.

Four Roses 2017 LE Small Batch (9)

  • Using all three recipes in this lower rye, a simple, straightforward bottle.

Four Roses 2022 LE Small Batch (8)

  • Limited to less than 15,000 bottles, this limited edition is better than some, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark of a limited edition bottle.

Four Roses 2020 LE Small Batch (7)

  • This edition is lower in heat, but the twin mashbills make it more memorable than others.

Four Roses 2016 LE Small Batch (6)

  • A superb drinking experience if you like hotter bourbon.

Four Roses 2018 130th Anniversary LE Small Batch (5)

  • Spicy and oak are how you should describe the 130th Anniversary edition. A good sipper on cold nights.

Four Roses 2017 Al Young 50th Anniversary LE Small Batch (4)

  • Named after the distillery manager, historian, and brand ambassador, this 109-proof bourbon hits the mark for a great bourbon.

Four Roses 2021 LE Small Batch (3)

  • One of the best-ranking bourbons in years, this edition is hot and will require ice to bring out the delicious flavors.

Four Roses 2016 Elliott’s Select LE Single Barrel (2)

  • A special release honoring Elliott taking over the reins, only 10,000 bottles were made. A fantastic tasting profile sets this bourbon apart from other editions.

Four Roses 2019 LE Small Batch (1)

  • As close to flawless as you can get. A drop of water in this dram brings the flavor to a whole new level.
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