The popular spirits website, wikiliQ, has gathered the top ten popular brands of 2023. In the big world of bourbon brands, there’s a bottle out there for every taste, price point, and preference. Whether you’re looking for the perfect bourbon to pair with a cocktail, something smoky and assertive, or a smooth sipper, we’ve got you covered.

Here we introduce a list of the ten most popular bourbon brands you’ll want to add to your shopping list as soon as possible.

 (1) Bulleit Bourbon 

  • Bulleit Bourbon is inspired by the whiskey that was pioneered by Augustus Bulleit over 150 years ago. 

 (2) Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky

  • Maker’s Mark started with bread, of course. Bill Samuels bought the Burks’ Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, in 1953 and did the predictable – just not in a predictable way.

 (3) Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey

  • Founded in 1795 and passed down through one family for the past seven generations, Jim Beam is the world’s best-selling bourbon.

 (4) Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • Marked by a rich cascade of aromas and flavors, Basil Hayden’s® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is carefully matured for exceptional quality and distilled in the heart of bourbon country in Clermont, Kentucky. 

 (5) Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • Woodford Reserve is built around flavor. The art of making fine bourbon first took place on the site of the Woodford Reserve Distillery, a National Historic Landmark, in 1812. 

 (6) Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • Knob Creek Bourbon has some good blood. Not only is it named after the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln.

 (7) Buffalo Trace Bourbon

  • Ancient buffalo carved paths through the wilderness that led American pioneers and explorers to new frontiers. 

 (8) Evan Williams Bourbon

  • Founded in 1783 on the banks of the Ohio River, Evan Williams is one of the oldest distilleries in the country

(9) Wild Turkey 101

  • Wild Turkey 101 is different for a good reason, and it all comes down to premium ingredients, select barrels, and a lot of patience.

(10) Four Roses 

  • Four Roses is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey brand produced by the Kirin Brewery Company of Japan. 
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