With everything going up, eggs, meat, etc., I thought I would put together a list of cheaper bourbon that will get you through 2023. Remember, just because a bourbon is expensive does not mean it tastes good.

Most of the popular bourbon brand’s entry-point whiskey is delicious. You do not have to shell out tons of money to enjoy a great bourbon. I used $40 as my cut-off point when deciding what bourbons to include on my list. The prices come from liquorbarn.com

Best Overall

  • Maker’s Mark $26

Best Kentucky Bourbon 

  • Knob Creek 9-Year-Old $35

Best Wheated Bourbon

  • Redemption Wheated $29

Best Single Barrel

  • Four Roses Single Barrel $40

Best Proof Under 100

  • Woodford Reserve $30

Best Mixer 

  • Jim Beam $18

Best Outside Kentucky 

  • Wyoming Whiskey $40
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