Oduoak (pronounced “oh-du-oak” like eu de parfum) is a new bourbon-based fragrance line from a Kentucky whiskey expert.

Designed and hand produced by Jackie Zykan. She has degrees in biology and chemistry, and her career has taken her to nearly every corner of the American whiskey world. She once served as Master Taster for Old Forester, and today she’s the Master Blender of Hidden Barn Whiskey. With a finely tuned sensory skill set, she’s now turned her attention to fragrances.

The fragrances are built upon the already dimensional aromatic profile of bourbon whiskey derived from the barrel. Inherent vanilla, spice, fruit, herb, and floral notes anchor the proprietary and bespoke eau de parfum formulations. The Oduoak collection includes fragrances available in 15 mL rollers and 30 mL atomizers named Feral Gent and Walk of Shame. Each comes with descriptions similar to those on your whiskey bottle. 

Each scent is uniquely inspired by experiences had with a glass of whisk(e)y in hand and is intended for all.

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