Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Milam & Greene Whiskey, renowned for its award-winning portfolio of bourbon and rye whiskies, is releasing Unabridged Volume 2: A Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskies. This cask-strength blend incorporates some of the rarest casks from the distillery’s library. Unabridged Volume 2 is the first release of the Autumn 2023 Blender’s Reserve Collection, a selection of high-proof bourbons that will be introduced during the next four months. Only 800 cases are now available at select retailers across the U.S., and online sales will begin on Wednesday, September 13.

Milam & Greene Unabridged Volume 2 flavors showcase the incomparable talents of the distillery team under the direction of CEO Heather Greene, who was recently honored as the “Master Blender of the Year.”  The Milam & Greene distillery team meticulously selected this blend of straight bourbons after extensively evaluating numerous whiskey barrels.

To create Unabridged Volume 2, the Milam & Greene whiskey team harvests bourbon that they distilled in the small copper pot still in Texas and larger column stills in Kentucky, using malted rye in the proprietary mash bill. The malted rye, an ingredient that makes Milam & Greene truly unique in the world of whiskey, rounds the flavor of the grain, revealing a soft, chocolaty note. Tennessee barrels of different ages add structure and tannins to round out this exciting blend.

Adding to the complexity and flavors of the Unabridged Volume 2 are the dramatic climate swings in Texas, where many barrels are aged. Milam & Greene continually tastes and monitors barrels in four different states.

The Milam & Greene expert distilling team blind-tasted five different blends to get a consensus on the recipe for Unabridged Volume 2. The team of 10 people unanimously decided on the final blend for this release, something that has never happened at the distillery.

Cask Strength Milam & Greene Unabridged Volume 2 

This second release of Unabridged builds on the strong heritage of Milam & Greene Unabridged Vol. 1, recognized as a Double Platinum winner in the prestigious Ascot Awards. It draws exceptional complexity and bold character by blending casks distilled in three different states and of various age ranges. It has fragrant aromas of dark cherry, fig, sweet almond, menthol, fine boot leather, anise, and caramel candy. Milam & Greene Unabridged is full-bodied with a viscous mouthfeel carrying bold flavors of dark cherry cola notes characteristic of well-aged bourbon followed by dark brown sugar, sweet black tea, marzipan, and oak. The whiskey’s flavor develops into a round, smooth, oily finish with fresh bread, licorice, and citrus oil.

Milam & Greene’s Unabridged Volume 2 is cask strength and bottled at 58.8% ABV / 117.6 Proof. The distillery team recommends letting it rest in the glass to breathe for a moment before enjoying it neat, on ice, with a teaspoon of water, or in a cocktail. Fifty-six barrels distilled in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Texas were used to create Unabridged. The ages of each barrel are detailed below:

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