Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Middle West Spirits, a world-class distillery and award-winning producer of spirits, has announced a multi-year expansion of its distillery, operational facilities and a 14-acre campus at 1165 Alum Creek Drive in Columbus, Ohio. The expansion makes Middle West Spirits a top 10 grain-to-glass whiskey & spirits producer in the United States overall and the largest distillery in Ohio. The growth will create 80 new jobs over the next three years, with hiring to begin immediately.

In 2020, the company acquired the vacant Alum Creek Campus and completed initial renovations to relocate and expand operations. The new expansion plans, with MA Design serving as lead designers on the project, include a state-of-the-art 75,000-square-foot distillery, a grain recycling center, a packaging and bottling facility and more.

In addition, the Middle West Spirits project will create new office space to support growing its headquarters and positioning the site for the possibility of a future hospitality space. Distilling will also continue at the original Courtland facility in the Short North, which houses the company’s retail Bottle Shop and acclaimed Service Bar restaurant.

“We are excited about the Alum Creek development and the future of our company. The expansion of our operations allows us to hit capacities, aging goals and the volumes needed to continue to develop our brands and partnership programs,” said Ryan Lang, founder and chief executive officer for Middle West Spirits. “Our team has worked tirelessly over the last 15 years to bring us to this point, and we are excited to start the next chapter of Middle West.”

Middle West is making an immense impact on the local community by creating jobs and revitalizing a key property on the east side of Columbus that hopefully brings further investment to that corridor,” said Andrew J. Ginther, mayor of Columbus.

Middle West Spirits currently produce 15 of its own branded products, including MIDDLE WEST Bourbon, Rye and Wheat Whiskey varietals, with the popular Double Cask Whiskey Collection, OYO vodkas, Vim & Petal and Lux & Umbra gins. New products are currently in production and will be released later this year.

Middle West Spirits was founded in Columbus in 2008, becoming central Ohio’s first craft distillery. The company was built on four generations of distilling traditions and deep experience in manufacturing. Middle West’s passion for producing spirits from grain to glass has created a focus on elevating the distinctive flavors of the Ohio Valley River in ways that honor their roots and reflect their originality as makers.

“Middle West Spirits is an Ohio-founded company that continues to expand brands globally with talent from the Columbus Region,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and chief executive officer. “This investment will revitalize vacant buildings that will be home to new distillery operations, office space and create 80 new jobs.”

Strategic Partner Program

In addition to producing the Middle West Spirits’ collection of whiskeys, vodkas, and gins, the company works with select partners to help them bring their signature spirits to market.

“From day one we have sought to develop the very best spirits we can from the agriculture that surrounds us. Most of that is for our family of brands. But through our distillery partnership program, we also support the development and growth of the partners we work with,” said Lang.

Middle West Spirits’ Strategic Partner team has collaborated with dozens of companies and celebrated brands such as Hotel Tango, Horse Soldier and Old Line Spirits to develop unique products for their portfolios. The expansion will allow the distillery to continue to add to these partnerships with facilities that include cutting-edge distilling technology, bottling and labeling capabilities, test kitchens and ample barrel and finished product storage space. Coupled with strong partnerships with suppliers of the finest raw materials available, Middle West Spirits is uniquely positioned to help its partners grow with fully customizable capabilities.

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