As Michter’s continues to face inventory constraints due to strong demand, the company is taking steps to expand capacity responsibly. In recent years, Michter’s has grown its fermentation capacity by adding six 18,000-gallon fermenters made by Louisville-based Vendome Copper & Brass Works.

In late 2022, Michter’s transitioned its core Shively distillery to a 24/7 operation. Additionally, Michter’s has made significant investments in its bottling operations. The company went live with new bottling equipment in January 2023 to bring more great whiskey to market.

While these measures are unlikely to satisfy domestic and international demand in the short term, they reflect an ongoing commitment to bring more Michter’s to consumers without sacrificing the highest level of quality for which the brand is appreciated.

“We recognize the frustration of some of our supporters as they encounter challenges in finding certain Michter’s releases on the shelf. We want our loyal Michter’s drinkers to know we are trying to continue to invest in the brand’s growth while maintaining the exceptional level of our whiskeys,” commented Andrea Wilson, Michter’s Master of Maturation.  “We have an over 30-year planning horizon for our whiskeys and use models to plan sales and work hard to focus on staying true to the quality of our whiskeys,” she added.

While thoughtfully expanding production over the years, Michter’s remains determined to maintain its high quality and, if anything, improve it. “Our goal is to make the greatest American whiskey,” said Master Distiller Dan McKee. “We would love to be able to offer more of it, but we simply won’t do so until the whiskey is ready at the standard our loyal Michter’s drinkers expect.  We have some good news to share in that respect, so I am so happy to introduce the 2023 release of Michter’s 10-Year Rye.”

While all types of Michter’s remain allocated, the distillery is releasing 10 Year Rye for the first time since July 2022. A Kentucky-style rye with a good amount of corn and malted barley in the mashbill, Michter’s 10-Year Rye has a suggested U.S. retail price of $200 per 750ml bottle.

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