Hartman’s Distilling Company is releasing a brand new bourbon, Cotter’s Cask, aged a year on the Buffalo Fire Department’s Edward M. Cotter Fireboat. Thirteen dollars from every bottle sold will be donated to the Cotter Conservancy fund.

Cotter’s Cash is a barrel-proof blend of bourbon aged over six years. It rested on the Cotter fireboat as it patrolled Lake Erie and the Buffalo Harbor for one year, exposing it to lake air and the constant agitation of being on a boat.

“This is by far the most unique thing we have done. Not many people know about the Cotter’s history or that it continues to protect the Buffalo shoreline by breaking up the ice in the Buffalo River and keeping the Old First Ward from flooding. This is especially important to us as our distillery is located less than 200 yards from the Buffalo River.,” said Justin Hartman, owner and president of Hartman’s.

Cotter’s Cask is available at liquor stores now and will be at Hartman’s Distilling on November 24.

The Edward M. Cotter Conservancy is an organization comprised of 100% volunteers who all share a love for the fireboat of the same name. For more information, visit emcotterconservancy.org.

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