In June 2021, George Dickel made a name for itself in the Bourbon category, introducing Dickel Bourbon – a permanent offering aged 8 years – to the market as an outstanding bourbon for an outstanding price. Following the inaugural variant’s success, the brand pays homage to the award-winning liquid with an incredibly rare, luxurious new offering – Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years.

The award-winning Dickel Bourbon was first released to provide a home to the mature whiskies at the distillery that leaned more into traditional bourbon notes. Now, Director of George Dickel & Luxury Whiskey Nicole Austin is showcasing more of this exceptional product with the release of Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years, a refined blend perfect for bourbon lovers.

“We created Dickel Bourbon to give people an approachable and balanced bourbon that is high-quality and complex in flavor,” said Austin. “I loved the idea of building upon that craftsmanship of our mature whisky and creating something with that same traditional feel, and also more premium. I’m excited for people to try Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years because it’s a rare and beautifully aged whisky, but still exhibits a surprising brightness and wide range of complexity not often found in American Whiskies of this age.”

The new Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years is a limited, small-batch bourbon aged in charred oak barrels and blended to perfection. Hailing from the quiet hills of Cascade Hollow, the long aging process in our single-story rickhouses imparted Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years with mellow yet complex flavors, including deep notes of crème brulée and stone fruit. At 90 proof (45% ABV), this sophisticated bourbon is best enjoyed neat or over a large ice cube. The liquid was blended to capture the tradition of excellence started by George A. Dickel more than a century ago, making for an excellent gift for the rare bourbon collector in your life.

Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years was officially unveiled at the historic Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. to national and local media earlier this month.

The debut of Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years follows the heels of George Dickel being awarded Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Star Awards 2023 Spirit Brand of the Year. Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards celebrates the innovation of the individuals and companies that have significantly contributed to the success of the wine and alcohol beverage world.1

Like the other variants in the George Dickel portfolio, Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years has a mash bill of 84% corn, 8% rye and 8% malted barley. Just in time for the holiday season, consumers can find Dickel Bourbon Aged 18 Years rolling out in select markets across the US for a limited time for a suggested retail price of $510.

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