Just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s bad quality. The price of bourbon continues to rise as a recent survey from bevalcinsights.com concluded that “2023 saw the highest average unit price for bourbon on Drizly.com in the past five years at $40.48. That’s up from $34.65 in 2018 – a 16.8% increase.” The Kentucky Distillers Association reported that since 2000, bourbon production had increased 360%.

Bourbon brands that used to be easy to buy are now on allocation. Some of the reasons are due to supply issues and consumer demand. Buyers are now more educated than ever, with more bourbon websites and dedicated social media pages informing consumers of bottle releases and secondary market pricing. Bourbon fans are looking to get bottles that no one else can.

With the increase in demand and price, why not look for a bourbon that has a budget-friendly price, along with a bit of quality?

Here are ten inexpensive bourbons under $30 that exceed expectations.

Old Tub Sour Mash Limited Edition $24

  • Before Jim Beam Bourbon, the Beam family made Old Tub, an unfiltered bonded Bourbon, the foundation for one of the world’s most well-known whiskeys. Like the original Old Tub, this Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has not been carbon or chill-filtered.

Coopers’ Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon $24

  • Crafting great bourbon starts with the barrel. After all, half of a whiskey’s flavor and all its color come from the barrel. At Coopers’ Craft, they raise their barrels by hand, then toast and char them to bring out the unique characteristics of their Bourbons. Coopers’ Craft was first released in 2016 and was the first new product from the Brown-Forman Corporation since it launched Woodford Reserve in 1996.

Fighting Cock Kentucky Straight Bourbon $20

  • This bad boy of Bourbon is bottled at a robust 103 proof, but its six years of aging smooths out the feathers nicely. Owned by Heaven Hill, Fighting Cock is a brand that’s been set to court the younger consumer and lives in that $20 range where it’s accessible and you don’t feel like you’ve wasted a ton of money on a gamble for trying it.

J.W. Dant Bourbon $16

  • Around 1830, J.W. Dant in Kentucky distilled whiskey with a cheap log still. To this day, Heaven Hill makes this Bourbon whiskey in metal stills according to Dant’s recipe. With the Bottled-in-Bond quality certificate, this is a fine Bourbon for a reasonable price.

Redemption Straight Bourbon Whiskey $30

  • Redemption Bourbon is a relatively new whiskey owned by Deutsch Family Wines & Spirits – a company that pays keen attention to detail during aging and batching. This attention to detail leads to the distinctiveness of the taste and ensures consistency from bottle to bottle.

Four Roses Bourbon $24

  • Four Roses is a great bourbon that blends up to 10 distinct recipes, resulting in a versatile, easy-drinking whiskey that appeals to casual fans and enthusiasts alike.

Redemption High Rye Bourbon $30

  • At 36% rye content, it’s significantly higher than comparable bourbons, resulting in a unique combination of flavors – subtly sweet but punctuated by rich rye spice notes. If you’re looking for a bold whiskey, you’ve found it.

Old Grand-Dad Bourbon $20

  • Old Grand-Dad is one of the oldest and most storied brands, yet it receives little attention from enthusiasts or marketing efforts from its current owner, Beam Suntory. This lack of awareness might be because it is a legacy brand offered at a low price point. It may have such a low price that it has little room for anything other than simply fulfilling the existing supply chain. 

Very Old Barton $15

  • Very Old Barton is a Kentucky straight Bourbon that has matured for four to six years in charred, American oak casks before being bottled at 100 proof. As a result, the whiskey has a rich amber color along with an aroma of vanilla beans and chewy leather. Very Old Barton is owned by the New Orleans-based Sazerac Company.

Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon $25

  • This bourbon is distilled with corn, malted barley, time, pride, and passion. There’s a reason why Jim Beam Bourbon is on almost every bar shelf. For Beam to get its distinct flavor, the distillery ages the liquor in charred oak barrels for a minimum of four years. With 16.7 million cases sold worldwide last year, Jim Beam is consistently among the most popular whiskey brands in the world.

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