Ryan Bingham, the singer-songwriter and an actor in the series Yellowstone, will be in Dallas for a meet-and-greet bourbon bottle signing. 

The actor-musician will be on hand from 6-8 pm at the Spec’s at 9500 N. Central Expressway on November 8th to greet fans and personally sign bottles of his recently launched signature bourbon, Bingham’s Bourbon, which is currently available in two inaugural expressions: Bingham’s Bourbon Original 80 Proof ($41.99) and Bingham’s Bourbon Black 94 Proof. You must buy a bottle to qualify for the meet-and-greet experience.

The two expressions are a mild-mannered 80-proof straight bourbon whiskey and a high-test black label that is 94-proof.

Both are made with Texas-grown corn, barley and rye and are “crafted and personalized in small batches, from grain-to-glass, as a Certified Texas Whiskey. To achieve that last distinction, the product must be produced and distilled in Texas. (Sometimes producers buy whiskey from other places, put it in a barrel in Texas, then bottle it and call it “Texas-made.” This label guards against smoke and mirrors.)

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