Here at The Bourbon Flight, we are celebrating our first Bourbon Heritage month by releasing a preview issue of our forthcoming quarterly magazine. We plan to publish our inaugural issue in the first quarter of 2023. Until then, you can visit us at, and we also have a bi-weekly newsletter that is sure to satisfy your thirst for all things bourbon.

Bourbon is a truly an American Spirit, and people in the know understand that Kentucky’s limestone-infused creeks are what makes our bourbon the best. Others may argue differently, but true enthusiasts understand that Kentucky’s water is the “secret ingredient.” Without Mother Nature’s resources, bourbon would not be possible.

Yes, you can make bourbon anywhere else in the United States, but why would you?

There are times that I pass four or five distilleries just driving to lunch. Are we spoiled? The answer is a resounding YES.

A little history of Bourbon Heritage Month:

  • Over 400 hundred years ago, English colonist George Thorpe filtered the first-ever batch of corn whiskey.
  • George Washington, our first president, operated the largest whiskey distillery in Virginia.
  • Elijah Craig is believed to be the “father” of bourbon. The concoction was derived from maturing existing corn whiskey in oak barrels.
  • Bourbon was declared an American product in 1964. Federal law states that bourbon must be at least 51% corn, cannot enter the barrel higher than 125 proof with no additives except water, must be produced in the United States, and be aged in new charred oak barrels.
  • To be considered Straight Bourbon Whiskey, it must age two years.
  • In 2017, a resolution was passed by the U.S. Senate, declaring September as National Bourbon Heritage Month.

Other facts:

  • Evan Williams opened the first commercial distillery in 1783.
  • Bourbon contributes $9 Billion to Kentucky’s economy.
  • Bourbon is not made only in Kentucky.
  • There are more bourbon barrels in Kentucky than people.
  • During prohibition, bourbon was used as medication.
  • Many bourbon brands are owned by Japanese companies.

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