Oaky and spice are really nice but give me a sweet bourbon anytime. For me, a sweet bourbon is perfect for drinking neat. Just as sweet wine has its place within a collection, so does sweet bourbons.

Flavors such as vanilla, honey, toffee, caramel and various baking spices make sweet bourbon what it is today.

At The Bourbon Flight, we give all bourbons equal consideration and if you have not given sweeter bourbons a proper try, it is time to upgrade your home collection with one, or more, of these “Top Five Best in Class” sweet bourbons.

5. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

  • Bourbon enthusiasts continue to rave about this expression, matured in two charred oak barrels successively. Unique flavors like marzipan, toffee, blackberry and fresh honey make this bourbon stand out. Widely available, the Double Oaked sips smoothly and finishes beautifully and at $59 this bourbon is a must-have.

4. Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon

  • This $30 small-batch bourbon lands right in the middle of sweet and spicy. Copper in color, vanilla and honeycomb notes cascade across the palate, but the finish is where the spice comes into play. The burn is mild, and strong hits of pepper and clove coat the throat.

3. Angel’s Envy

  • A solid $40 bourbon from beginning to end. Finished in port wine casks, Angel’s Envy is smooth as velvet and has soft edges. With hints of maple and vanilla layered with caramel, this bourbon checks the boxes of good, sweet bourbon.

2. Horse Soldier Signature Small Batch Bourbon

  • If you like butterscotch and ginger with a touch of cinnamon, then this $80 bourbon is for you. Fruity notes of raisins, apricot and toffee complete the bourbon’s complexity. One sip and you will be hooked on this historically significant bourbon.

1. Michter’s US1 Bourbon

  • Even with the sweetness, this $40 bourbon is more popular than most. Michter’s has created a spirit that balances the sweetness of corn with flavors that burst on the tongue. Tastes of honey, caramel and peaches resonate from start to finish. They even throw in a little white pepper at the end. That intricacy is why it lands number one on our list of sweet bourbons.
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