The historic town of Bardstown, known as the Bourbon Capital of the World, in partnership with the Bourbon Capital Alliance announces the first annual National Bourbon Week, June 11-16, 2024. Taking place across acclaimed distilleries, famed attractions and Bardstown’s thriving downtown, this immersive series of events celebrates the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind America’s native spirit. National Bourbon Week marks the beginning of an annual Bardstown tradition, inviting enthusiasts, connoisseurs and curious newcomers to enjoy tastings and festivities that pay homage to the iconic amber elixir.

The focal point of National Bourbon Week will be the unveiling of the highly anticipated 2024 Bardstown Collection, a rare collaboration between seven distinguished distilleries. With less than 500 bottles available from each distillery, the Collection promises to be an elite affair, marking it as the bourbon event of the year. The participating distilleries of the 2024 Bardstown Collection are: Bardstown Bourbon Company, Heaven Hill Distillery, James B. Beam Distilling Co., Limestone Branch Distillery, Log Still Distillery, Lux Row Distillers and Preservation Distillery + Farm.

“Limestone Branch is excited to be included in this year’s Bardstown Collection,” said Stephen Beam, Master Distiller of Limestone Branch Distillery, which is the newest addition to the Bardstown Collection. “Our family has been a part of the local distilling community since the 1800s, and we are honored to collaborate with our fellow distillers. Although we have a friendly competition with one another, our strength lies in our support of each other. It has never been so important to keep Kentucky bourbon as the gold standard, and collaborations like this ensure we will continue to lead the way.”

Throughout National Bourbon Week, attendees can partake in a range of festivities including special distillery events, curated tastings, unique bourbon education opportunities and the 21st Annual Bourbon City Street Concert. This comprehensive series of experiences is crafted to offer bourbon enthusiasts an unparalleled immersion in the Bourbon Capital of the World.

“The inaugural National Bourbon Week will pay tribute to the legacy and craftsmanship that make bourbon an integral part of the Bardstown community,” said Sam Lacy, Executive Director of the Bourbon Capital Alliance. “We invite bourbon enthusiasts from near and far to join us in raising a glass to the rich history and vibrant future of America’s native spirit.”


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