The bourbon sample used for this review was provided at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

Colorado is known for mile-high cities and beautiful views, but if the trend continues, the state will be known for producing some damn fine bourbon.

Marble Distilling Co. has released its four-grain Back Country Bourbon Whiskey named Hoover’s Revenge. The name pays homage to a one-eyed dog who lost that eye in a fight with a mountain lion. The fight is depicted on the label.

With most Colorado distilleries, sustainability is crucial to creating great whiskey. Hoover’s Revenge uses 100% Colorado grains combined with the local Crystal River and is a single cask release, with bottles numbered and signed.

As a dog lover, the story got me a little. Knowing the dog only lost an eye makes me feel like the pup is a badass. This brings me to this 94-proof bourbon that bears its name.

The first pour, which I let set for about five minutes, bore the typical notes of vanilla and caramel. I picked up on buttered toffee with a smidge of coffee.

The nose aroma translated over into the sip as flavors of caramel and vanilla were unmistakable. A little bit of black peppercorn danced around also. The mouthfeel was slightly thicker than expected, with a touch of baking spice.

The finish was long and sweet, with enough bite to satisfy. There is not enough here to differentiate itself from others in the category, but a good story and label help.

Overall, it is a solid bourbon. At $95, it is steep for some people, especially if they are unaware of the brand. I hope the dog lives a long and happy life with one eye.

This whiskey receives 3/5 Barrels.

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