Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

The Hardshore Distilling Co. of Portland, Maine, has announced the inaugural release of Shorebird Bourbon, a trio of house-distilled and aged bourbons featuring the founder’s family-grown grains.

“Hardshore is, and always will be a gin company, but bourbon was the spirit that initially led me to distilling. Once we established ourselves and built our line-up of unique gins, I couldn’t wait even one season before we brought in corn, rye and additional wheat and started laying up whiskey!” said Hardshore founder Jordan Milne.

The line-up will include a Small Batch Bourbon, which has been aging for over four years and features a four-grain mash bill of grains grown on Milne’s family farm: corn, wheat, rye and malted barley.

There is also a Single Barrel Bourbon, which has been resting for no fewer than five years and is bottled from a select few casks that are not blended to allow the unique character of each to shine through. And finally, the top of the range is represented by the Master Distiller’s Series Bourbon, which is bottled from no more than two casks each season that must be unanimously agreed upon by the distilling team. These casks must have been aged for more than six years and are meant to represent the pinnacle of Shorebird’s whiskey-making.

Shorebird Bourbons will be available at the Hardshore Distilling Company in Portland, Maine, beginning Oct. 26. They will be reaching store shelves in Maine later this year, followed by Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware and Florida in early 2024.

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