April is an excellent month for aging bourbon, cold mornings, and hot afternoons, but it sucks for everything else. Here in Kentucky, it is below freezing in the AM then all of a sudden, you walk outside afternoon and it is 80 degrees. While picking out the day’s outfit may be difficult, what to drink is pretty straightforward. BOURBON…

This month is what I like to call fake spring. As much as I would love to get the patio furniture out and relax with a good stiff drink, it is impossible. Severe storms, the re-emergence of insects, loads of pollen, ragweed, and whatever else falls from the heavens continue to kill the mood.

I am not sure Easter Sunday is a great day to drink bourbon, but I can guarantee that April 17th is!!! Tax Day… It is when Uncle Sam comes to collect his dues, and if you need to pay, all I can say is, “drink up.”

Easter Glass
Garrison Brothers Guadalupe

  • Aged four years in toasted and charred white American oak barrels and two years in port casks imported from Portugal. This bourbon will keep you warm all day long. 


Tax Day
Barrell Craft New Year 2023 Limited Edition 

  • Since your paying 2022 taxes, why not turn the page with a 2023 Limited Edtion that will knock your socks off and ease the pain? At 113.5 proof, the New Year edition will have you thinking of something different than paying taxes.


Cold Mornings 
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 

  • Those below-freezing mornings need a little icebreaker and at 121 proof, Elijah Craig will do nicely. This bourbon is not for the fate of the heart. Fantastic tasting notes that will leave you satisfied all morning.


Warm Evenings 
1792 Small Batch 

  • The perfect bourbon to relax with after a long day. 1792 Small Batch is a little over 93 proof, but it is so smooth that you would swear it is around 80. Also, it is a bargain, around $30. An excellent small-batch bourbon that can contend with more expensive whiskies within its price range.
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