February is a weird month as some people are just coming off “Dry January.” People are looking to settle down with a nice alcoholic drink and what’s better than bourbon?

The month is not all bad, because it does have a couple of holidays that I like to call “drinking holidays.” Valentine’s Day and Super Bowl Sunday are both fantastic days to enjoy a beverage or two.

So far this year, there have been some great releases like Woodford’s Double Double Oaked, Elijah Craig and Larceny Barrel Proof selections. Myself, I will be digging deep in the back of my liquor cabinet to find some oldies but goodies to sip on for the month.

Here is what I am drinking in the month of February.

Everyday Sipper
RD One Finished in French Oak

  • This is one bourbon that I can sip on for days. Since this spirit is not available everywhere as of yet, you will just need to take my word for it.

Bulleit Bourbon

  • The perfect balance of sweetness and heat. That combination is ideal when mixing up a great cocktail.

Super Bowl Sunday
Knob Creek 18-Year-Old

  • A little pricey, but well worth the money. The sacred Sunday should be adorned with a little splurge, but not enough to where your friends will stay for the whole game.

Valentine’s Day
Eagle Rare 10-Year-Old

  • This bourbon is for your significant other. Eagle Rare is one of the smoothest sips I have had the pleasure of tasting and trust me, your Valentine will appreciate the lengths you had to go to get this bottle. Just do not tell them how much you paid.

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