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A collaboration between master blenders John Rhea of Kentucky Owl and Yusuke Yahisa of Nagahama Distillery brings the far East and the West together in the Takumi Edition.

I am always looking forward to trying something innovative in the whiskey world. Brands tend to stay in their lane and rarely venture out. That is why I was pleasantly surprised by this partnership. The bourbon world needs to continue to expand globally; this is just one step toward total global domination. (Insert Evil Laugh)


Full disclosure, I have never tried Japanese whisky, so this may be as close as I get. Japanese whisky is less sweet due to less corn, as the Japanese mostly use malted barley or some sort of blend.

The Takumi Edition is a blend of 4-5-6 and 13 Year-Old straight bourbons. At first pour, citrus flavors arise from the glass with hints of oak. The first sip was warmer than I thought it would be for this blend—profiles of dark plum, orange peel and a tweak of pepper coat the palate. What may set this apart from other blends is the cherry/chocolate finish.

I was surprised by the overall sweetness of the bourbon since it had Japanese influences. The citrus flavors are very pronounced, but the touch of heat makes it less fruitful in a good way.

I look forward to other brands collaborating to create new and exciting whiskey profiles.

This bourbon receives 4/5 Barrels.

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