The bourbon sample used for this review was provided to us at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

St. Patrick’s Day eve is an enchanting time. The thought of seeing a leprechaun and following him to his pot of gold is… Wait! That is a whole other story. I am here to review Kentucky Owl’s St. Patrick’s Day Edition bourbon.

Most people will be drinking Irish whisky, but not me. It’s bourbon all the way.

St. Patty’s Day is the unofficial drinker’s holiday, so toast to the Leprechaun in the corner and hope he leads you to his pot of gold.


This blend is delicious and at 100 proof, it slides right into an easy sipper. At first glance, the bourbon has a deep amber color with a toasted nutty aroma. Caramel and chocolate permeate around the rim.

The first sip reminded me of caramel popcorn wrapped in a chocolate drizzle. It’s a sweeter first sip than I expected, but the whiskey settled into more of a spice-driven, herbaceous oak profile after the initial sip.

A long finish filled with pepper and dark fruit hits the throat. The viscosity of the bourbon is perfect, not too thin, but enough to know that you are drinking the good stuff.

This whiskey receives 4/5 Barrels.

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