The bourbon sample used for this review was provided to us at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

Colorado mountain spring water is one ingredient in Breckenridge bourbons. It may be the most important element in this clean-flavored blend.

The transition from sourcing to distilling has catapulted this distillery to many award stages.

The Centennial State is on the move, providing solid bourbon for the rest of the U.S.


This bourbon provides a perfect balance between heat and sweetness. At 105 proof, you would imagine that it may be overpowering but that is completely not the case.

My first sip was delicate, as pepper and vanilla rolled around on my palate. While savoring the liquid for a moment, indications of butterscotch and toffee slipped through. The finish was strong with a little burn, but not like I would have thought due to the proof.

This blend is something special. It does not drink like a young bourbon but at only two years old, it is scary the amount of flavor it has developed. If I had a critique, it would be that it does linger longer than other high-proof bourbons.

This whiskey receives 4/5 Barrels
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