What makes a good bourbon cocktail? For us, it must have the best ingredients, preferably locally sourced and a strong flavor profile. Consistency is the goal of any cocktail and don’t forget the garnish.

Here is our top ten list ranked from 1 to 10:

  1. Old Fashioned: (No surprise here) With just bourbon, bitters, and simple syrup, it’s a deceptively easy cocktail to make, though some details are non-negotiable in the making of this cocktail.
  2. Manhattan: You only need three main ingredients to make this classic bourbon Manhattan. A bourbon cocktail in its simplest form.
  3. Hot Toddy: A cocktail to heal all your body’s needs. Grandma will be proud
  4. Paper Plane: This cocktail is bittersweet and tangy, hitting a balance between bourbon and amaro.
  5. Kentucky Mule: A classic Moscow Mule cocktail with a Kentucky twist. It is quick and easy that is perfect to make for a crowd.
  6. Kentucky Grandee Cocktail: A born and bred Kentucky cocktail. Ale-8-One mixed with bourbon and a couple of other ingredients. A Kentucky masterpiece.
  7. Mint Julep: Off to the Derby, racegoers have been enjoying this cocktail for nearly a century.
  8. Kentucky Raspberry Smash: Kentuckians love their raspberries and bourbon.  This refreshing cocktail combines both loves into one. Great for a summer evening or spring day.
  9. Kentucky Plum: A holiday cocktail that can be shared on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. The champagne gives the cocktail a celebration feel, while the bourbon brings it back home to Kentucky.
  10. Bourbon Highball: Mix your favorite bourbon with a carbonated beverage and serve. Sometimes the easiest recipes are the best.

We know that we may have missed some favorites, but don’t worry, we will have plenty more top ten’s coming out soon.

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