Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

How can you not love October? Scary movies, colder temperatures and, of course, new bourbon releases. Halloween, celebrated on October 31st, may be my favorite holiday. If I told you that you could randomly walk up to a stranger’s house in a costume, and instead of calling the cops, they give you candy. You would say that I am crazy. That is precisely what millions of costume-crazy kids and adults will do on October 31st.

Nothing is better than handing out candy by a fire pit and sipping on some bourbon in a tumbler (my bourbon is also in costume). There are also other official and unofficial holidays in October. Let us celebrate the Framer who grows our ingredients for our sweet, sweet bourbon on October 12th. One day after that comes Kentucky’s unofficial basketball holiday, Midnight Madness, held at Rupp Arena on October 13th at 7 PM.

National Farmer’s Day 
Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey 

  • Frey Ranch is a true grain-to-glass bourbon. The grain production is thoughtful, the distilling and maturation are caring, the distillery’s use of spent grain is selfless, and the bottle is made of recycled material. To say Frey Ranch is environmentally conscious is an understatement. What better brand to drink to celebrate Farmer’s Day?  

University of Kentucky Midnight Madness
Springfield Distillery Basketball Bourbon

  • What better way to honor basketball than with a bourbon that’s bottle is a basketball? A blend of younger bourbons mixed with Cooperstown Distillery small batch. Coming in at 90 proof, the same number that Kentucky will hang on each team in the SEC this year. Every bottle is individually blown and includes a replica leather stopper on a raised pedestal base.

Lolo Creek Distillery Haunted Water Bourbon Whiskey

  • I could not resist throwing in a unique named bourbon. Aged in Texas but finished in Montana with Rocky Mountian water, this award-winning bourbon is not for show. Full-bodied and ready to drink neat. Throw it in a tumbler with some ice and enjoy handing out candy to all the unexpecting ghouls and goblins.  

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