On a bourbon budget, me too. We cannot afford the good stuff all the time. My wife will not allow me to spend hundreds of dollars to curb my bourbon addiction.

How do you find quality at a great price with so many bourbons in the market? Don’t fear; The Bourbon Flight is here to help you cut through all the noise to find the perfect affordable bourbon.

How many people in the market could tell the difference between Pappy and other bourbons? Maybe two out of ten. Just because bourbon is expensive doesn’t mean it tastes good. I have had premium bourbon well over $100 a bottle that tasted horrible.

On the flip side, I’ve tried bourbon for under $30, which I recommend to anyone with a bourbon habit.

So that is where we will start, under $30 bourbons that are just as good or better than higher-priced competitors.

Woodford Reserve $30.00 Though it’s often a little pricier, if you’re willing to bargain hunt, you can often find a bottle of Woodford for under $30, and it’s worth the price. The rich, balanced bourbon is delicious and drinks well above its current price. Woodford continues to be a gold standard of affordable excellent, tasting bourbon.  

Bower Hill Barrel Reserve $30.00 This bourbon drinks high above its low proof and has a good hefty spice on the palate. I wouldn’t say that this bourbon is very old with no age statement. It does, however, leave a pleasant taste on the palate. Not complex as others on this list, but for under $30.00, this is a must-have to your everyday drinker collection.

Larceny Bourbon $30.00 Larceny is known as a “wheated” bourbon—meaning that wheat is the next-biggest ingredient in the mix after corn. (Usually, it’s rye.) Few other distillers make a wheated bourbon, but one that does, W. L. Weller, makes Pappy Van Winkle. I am not saying this is a substitute for Weller or Pappy, but at $30.00, this is a well-rounded wheated bourbon.

Redemption Bourbon $29.00 This bourbon’s spirit line is made with rye sourced from the famed Midwest Grain Products Company, with virtually every top whiskey spirit producer in the market sourcing their rye. Redemption is a far better product than most give credit. It has a complete flavor profile that rivals other top rye whiskies.  

Maker’s Mark $26.00 The big daddy of them all, Maker’s Mark is probably the best-known wheater around. A wheater is made with wheat instead of rye in the mash bill, which gives it a sweeter taste than most traditional bourbons. Maker’s has always been consistent in its bourbon making, and with a price that any bourbon drinker can afford, you cannot go wrong.  

Bulleit Bourbon $26.00 Bulleit is a good “bang for the buck” bourbon. A Gold medalist back in 2004 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It has approximately 30% rye content, which shows in the taste. Bulleit Bourbon is a straight shooter with smoothness and spices. No frills, just good bourbon did the right way.

Coopers Craft $24.00 This is a solid bourbon. The unique aging of this whiskey allows the liquid to better penetrate the barrel, drawing more flavor. They achieve this by carving extra grooves into staves to maximize the liquid’s surface area contact. The distiller does a good job balancing that oaky personality with a prevalent, overall sweetness.

Rebel Yell $18.00 As someone who prefers their bourbon around the 100-proof mark for everyday sipping, it’s a fantastic whiskey; the proof is perfect, the flavors are complex, and the overall drinking experience is a joy from start to finish. Rebel Yell is really stepping up the quality of its offerings. This and previous releases, such as the French Oak and a Cognac Cask finished bourbons, have been spot on.

I hope this helps all my fellow bourbon enthusiast who may be looking for a great bourbon that is reasonably priced and taste just as good as more expensive spirits.

Let me know what other bourbons should be on this list. @[email protected]

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