Blue Run Spirits announces its fall release – the first in what is to become a biannual series of “micro-batch” whiskeys. Blue Run Flight Series is a six-whiskey micro batch collection of Blue Run’s lauded Kentucky Straight High Rye Bourbon Whiskey. The first two flights and a limited number of complete sets of all six bottles are now available at select retailers in the United States and online at beginning at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Wednesday, October 19. Two more Flights will be released each subsequent day at that same time.

Each of the six Flights comes from between two to five barrels contract distilled by Blue Run’s Liquid Advisor Jim Rutledge at Castle & Key Distillery. The barrels were hand-selected and expertly blended by Whiskey Director Shaylyn Gammon, making the Flight Series the first Blue Run whiskey release blended by Gammon since joining the company earlier this year. The small number of barrels used in Blue Run’s micro batching allows Gammon’s award-winning blending artistry to shine through on each bourbon, creating exceptional flavor experiences in each Flight.

Blue Run plans to release two Flight Series annually beginning in 2023. An iridescent white version of Blue Run’s signature butterfly medallion, designed by Devon McKinney, stands out on the sleek bottle and is meant to evoke a brilliant cloud in the sky. The names of each micro batch Flight invite the consumer on a sensory journey to uniquely memorable destinations experienced by Blue Run’s team. The Flights in this series include:

#1 Alpine Meadows (available Oct. 19)

Proof: 115.2
Barrels Blended: Three
Total Six Bottle Cases Available: 99
On the nose, Alpine Meadows hints at fresh cut flowers, peach skins and honeysuckle, followed by tart fruit, then smoky with a side of char. The flavor begins with subtle campfire matched with honey and spice, leading to bright citrus and green grapes, then ending in light brown sugar. The finish finds toffee and citrus, capped with baking spices and apricot preserves.

#2 Parisian Pâtisserie (available Oct. 19)

Proof: 113.1
Barrels Blended: Three
Total Six Bottle Cases Available: 114
Out of the gate, the aroma includes baked goods, orange peel, and French white wine, moving to roasting coffee beans and fir tree essence. That leads to sweet-fried plantains, charred wood and tea roses. The flavor opens with glazed cinnamon roll melded with baking spices, then on to almond biscotti wrapped in brown sugar. The close is warm cinnamon, vanilla bean and a citrus zest. The finish starts with honey and soft pepper, ending with baking spices and sweet fruits.

#3 Seattle Downpour (available Oct. 20)

Proof: 115.2 (cask strength)
Barrels Blended: Two
Total Six Bottle Cases Available: 65
The aroma starts with leather, pineapple juice, dried apricots and raisins, then transitions to caramel macchiato and white pear, finally ending in bread pudding, vanilla and puff pastry. On the tongue, a hint of salt kicks it off with an extra pump of vanilla and butterscotch. The middle finds juicy stone fruit, apricot and roasted coffee beans, ending with light wood, dark chocolate and caramelized ginger. The finish is warm with peach-infused maple syrup and light spice drizzled in honey.

#4 Lahaina Luau (available Oct. 20)

Proof: 109.6
Barrels Blended: Three
Total Six Bottle Cases Available: 121
On the nose, Lahaina Luau kicks off with honey and sweet pear, which is followed by caramel, roses and orange blossom with a crescendo of plumeria, caramelized brown sugar and light smoke. On the tongue, it enters salty with banana and orange slices, leading to brown sugar and fruit cake spice, then closing with spice and slight maple. The finish highlights light guava and brown sugar.

#5 Washington Apple Orchard (available Oct. 21)

Proof: 118 (cask strength)
Barrels Blended: Five
Total Six Bottle Cases Available: 176
On the nose, Washington Apple Orchard starts with fresh blueberries and dehydrated fruit, leading to delightful bubblegum and shortbread, which is capped with leather, apple juice and sweet spice. The flavor opens with vanilla bean and honey with a tinge of banana, followed by Fuji apples and oatmeal, then rounding out with essence of oak and black pepper. The finish includes wood spice, spiced apple cider and lingering toasted wood.

#6 Marrakech Market (available Oct. 21)

Proof: 110.3
Barrels Blended: Three
Total Six Bottle Cases Available: 106
On the nose, Marrakech Market opens with cloves, butterscotch and rich maple syrup, moving to dark cherry and nutty grains, and ending in light wood. The flavor enters as bright, with honey and light floral notes, followed by crème brûlée meeting toasted oak, then rounds out with a medley of black pepper, peanuts and blackberries. The finish is buttery with a dash of light pepper and a hint of cardamom.
Each Blue Run Flight is available for $119.99 SRP.
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