A new distillery in Prestonsburg held its grand opening. 1620 Distillery, a family-owned and operated business, is now in business.

“It’s not only our grand opening but also a fund-raising event,” said Billie Turner. “All of this money will be donated to the Floyd County Community Foundation crisis fund and will go to the families of the fallen heroes that lost their lives during the incident at Allen.”

The Turners added that much more is in store for 1620 Distilling Company’s location in Prestonsburg, and they plan to distill and bottle their award-winning bourbon in-house say to check out the business’s Facebook page or website for more information.

In 1620, George Thorpe, our 7th Great Grandfather, came to America to establish a college. His contribution to history would prove to be much greater.  Upon arriving in America, George was introduced to the Indians of the region and, more importantly, to their corn.  In the fall of 1620, George substituted this Indian corn for barley and distilled America’s first corn whiskey.  Thus, George became not only our grandfather but the Grandfather of Corn Whiskey.

In a letter to home, George referred to his new drink as a “soe good drinke of Indian corn” that was better than “good strong English beer.”

Today, we continue our family’s four-hundred-year history of developing extraordinary whisky with our own “soe good drink.”

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