You can choose from two distinct varieties of bourbon. Lux Row Distillers releases a small batch of their ultra-premium Blood Oath bourbon whisky yearly.

John Rempe, Master Distiller at Lux Row, launched his namesake brand, Blood Oath, in 2015. Blood Oath has been coveted by bourbon connoisseurs and collectors since the very first Pact included it. Every bottle of Blood Oath is bottled in a handcrafted wooden box and sealed with a natural cork. Rempe’s signature, the date of production, the distillery’s backstory, and the Blood Oath seal can all be seen on the bourbon’s hand-lettered label.

Each Pact is an opportunity for Rempe to exercise his imagination and learn more about what makes bourbon so irresistible. He takes his already-excellent Pact and improves it with each new release until it’s his finest bourbon yet. One of the three extra-aged ryed bourbons in Pact No. 8 has been finished in French Calvados Casks, bringing the total age of the blend to 18 years. The end result is a smooth bourbon with pronounced hints of ripe apple and luscious pear.

The SRP for this limited edition product begins at $119 a bottle, and just 17,000 cases will be produced.

Calvados is a type of apple or pear brandy that can only be made in the Normandy region of France. Apple and pear flavors predominate in calvados and hints of baking spices, sugary pastries, and apricot. The sweetness is rich and nuanced beyond description, thanks to the barrels imparting a faint apple aroma and traces of vanilla and cinnamon.

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