Are we ready for some football? September is a massive month in Kentucky, as we can finally bet on sports legally. The state celebrates Bourbon Heritage Month, and we get a time off for Labor Day.

Honestly, this is my favorite month. The air is getting chillier, and I know what to watch on Saturdays and Sundays. The older I get, the more I like a routine.

For example, 


  • College Game Day
  • Noon Game
  • 3:30 Game
  • 7:30 Game


  • NFL Kickoff
  • 1 pm Game
  • 4 pm Game
  • NBC Night Game

Somewhere between the games, I need to fit coaching my son’s soccer team, grocery shopping, and drinking bourbon. Mind you, not all at the same time. I have no time to eat or sleep, but I love it.

Bourbon Heritage Month
Parker’s Heritage Collection 2022

  • The collection is easily found and is a double-barreled blend 132.2 proof that will warm your Saturday and Sunday mornings. There is no better way to celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month than with the world’s largest independent family-owned bourbon distillery.


Labor Day
Casey Jones Single Barrel Original 4 Grain Wheated Kentucky Straight Bourbon 

  • What a mouthful, but this bourbon was recently awarded Best-of-Show from The American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA). Who doesn’t love a little wheat? At $53, this bourbon is a steal. If you like almonds with a touch of vanilla and spice, go out and get a bottle.



Kentucky Gentleman 

  • Let us get down and dirty for some football. What better way than with Kentucky Gentleman’s Kentucky Bourbon MSRP $8? I have talked about this bourbon on Kruser and Krew a couple of Thursdays now and I finally gave it a try. I proclaim this is the best $8 bourbon I have ever tasted!!! Distilled at Barton 1792, this bourbon surprised me as I would not sip on it, but it was great in an Old Fashioned. This bourbon is what you give to your Gator, Volunteer, and Wolverine friends if you can call them your friends.

Go CATS and Go Bucks 

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