Three-time Olympic gold medalist and professional snowboarder Shaun White has experienced some of the most exceptional trails, slopes, waves and views the West offers. Over the years, he’s also witnessed firsthand the impact climate change has had on these places, with rising temperatures and melting snowpacks increasingly posing a threat. High West, the Park City-based whiskey distillery, is thrilled to announce they’re teaming up with Shaun White to protect and preserve the land they call home – The West. Together, they’ll work to drive awareness of High West’s Protect the West platform, striving to conserve the natural beauty of the West and all that inhabit it so it can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Shaun’s experience growing up on the West Coast shaped his passions, and today, his dedication to giving back to the land mirrors that of High West’s. Throughout the partnership, Shaun will lend his voice to High West’s Protect the West initiative, a commitment of $1 million over three years to organizations dedicated to keeping the West wild and preserving its beauty. The Protect the West platform distributes funding to organizations whose efforts fall into three focus areas: the fight against wildfires, protecting winters and wildland conservation.

“High West is all about seeking adventure, and there’s no better place to do that than the West,” said Shaun White, a five-time Olympian and professional snowboarder. “I was lucky enough to grow up exploring this incredible place, learning to snowboard, skateboard and even mountain bike here, and it’s so important to me that people have the same opportunity I once had. It’s pretty cool to team up with not just my favorite whiskey but one that shares my passion for preserving the West.”

“You don’t have to look too far outside the doors of our Saloon or Distillery to see the West is in danger,” said Daniel Schear, General Manager of High West. “Like Shaun, High West is a team of adventurers who appreciate all the West has to offer, which is why the Protect the West initiative hits home for all of us. Our passion for this cause is only growing, and we’re honored to have Shaun’s support in driving more urgency and action.”

Shaun is known for taking risks and facing challenges head-on as a trailblazer in his own craft. The High West team approaches whiskey with this mentality, meticulously sourcing, distilling and blending the best whiskeys to create exceptional bottles. Whether it’s a seasonal release such as Campfire, a new innovation, or the core expressions and Shaun’s go-to whiskeys, High West Double Rye and High West Bourbon, the High West team challenges themselves to over-deliver on quality and exceptional taste.

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