O-I Glass, Inc. OI began construction on a cutting-edge greenfield glass facility in Bowling Green, KY, its first facility designed specifically to use its MAGMA technology.

This is the first part of a multi-phase investment of up to $240 million. The project will allow the company to continue developing its ground-breaking MAGMA technology.

The MAGMA technology is intended for flexible, modular glass production. The technology has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of glass production. The MAGMA facilities will use smaller melters, more environmentally friendly techniques and supplies.

The Bowling Green plant will display cutting-edge features from a new modular batch system, the MAGMA melter, and new forming machines to breakthroughs in sustainability. The facility will also serve as a key hub for customer collaboration.

Located in Bowling Green near the Bourbon Trail, the facility will demonstrate the benefits of proximity to key customers for O-I, reducing logistics, and enhancing the company’s customer service, flexibility and sustainability.

O-I Glass expects the first phase of the facility’s construction to complete in mid-2024. It can create up to 140 jobs in the state and region. The plant has the capacity to add two more production lines.

O-I Glass has benefited from its focus on performance improvement, margin expansion initiatives and innovations.

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