The Kentucky Distillers’ Association announced that the Kentucky Bourbon Boys tour company is the newest official transportation sponsor of the world-famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail experience. 

Like the other official transportation sponsors, (Mint Julep ExperiencesPegasus Distillery Experiences and Central Kentucky Tours) demand for KDA’s Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tourism program has helped build and grow small businesses like the Kentucky Bourbon Boys. 

Based in Louisville, Kentucky Bourbon Boys provides transportation services to KDA-member distilleries in Bardstown, Lexington, Louisville, Northern Kentucky, Lawrenceburg, Danville and Frankfort, as well as cooperage tours at Kentucky Cooperage in Lebanon. 

“With more distillery experiences than ever all across the state of Kentucky, reliable transportation options are an absolute necessity,” said Mandy Ryan, director of Kentucky Bourbon Trail experiences for the non-profit KDA trade group. 

“Kentucky Bourbon Boys has proven themselves to be a top-notch company that provides much-needed services to our visitors and distilleries,” she said. “We’re proud to welcome and recommend them as a transportation sponsor of our amber adventure.” 

Tim Hagan, Chief Operating Officer of Kentucky Bourbon Boys, said the 12-year company strives to be an innovative leader in Bourbon tourism by providing memorable, unique experiences and first-class ​customer service.

“Since we began our business, we have worked hard to be great ambassadors for Kentucky and great partners to the distilleries along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We are proud of our old Kentucky home and enjoy creating and facilitating customized experiences for our guests. 

“We look forward to continuing to show everyone who visits the Kentucky Bourbon Trail the best Kentucky has to offer.”

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