Feisty Spirits Distillery is a whiskey distillery located in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado, that creates fun and unique spirits. This remarkable distillery was founded in 2012 by David Monahan and Jamie Gulden. This partnership aimed to create a quality product that they both enjoyed, run a business their own way, and have a job that didn’t feel like a job.

Together they turned their life’s work into something fun that helps build community and relationships. Monahan and Gulden gathered a team of creative artisans who share a passion for hand-crafted small-batch distilling as their Fort Collins distillery grew. Feisty Spirits Distillery prides itself in crafting the finest whiskey made with the highest quality ingredients possible that are used straight from the farm to the barrel.

This distillery’s unique grain-to-glass whiskeys and other fine spirits make them popular in the Fort Collins distilling community and create something fun and welcoming for anyone to try. Feisty Spirits Distillery uses only natural and organic ingredients and sources locally whenever possible. They love to showcase different grains and their flavors and complexities, meaning this distillery is always open to new flavors, ingredients, and mash bills. Some of Feisty Spirits Distillery’s most popular spirits are Rockit 100% Rye Whiskey, Rhapsody Blue Corn Bourbon, Better Days Bourbon, and Wild Thing Colorado Whiskey. This business has become a well-known and loved distillery in Fort Collins and has even earned an impressive 4.9-star review on Google.

As many know, Fort Collins is a one-of-a-kind city in Northern Colorado that is known for its quirky stores, many different breweries and distilleries, and adventurous, outgoing population. Feisty Spirits Distillery fits right into and exceeds Fort Collins’s unique bar scene with its nonconformist whiskeys.

This distillery’s commitment to quality and collaboration helps define their craft-loving hometown and separates them through their curiosity and dissidence, making them Feisty Spirits Distillery. This Fort Collins distillery offers taste and tours where customers get the chance to meet mighty Aphrodite, their stunning Canadian copper still, and can enjoy lively conversation over a dram, flight, or mixed cocktail in the Feisty Spirits tasting room. 

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