“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” or so they say. Like book covers, bourbon bottles come in all shapes and sizes. It can be confusing to newbies trying to pick a bottle.

Throw taste, price, and brand out the window because today we are just looking at BEAUTY. A combination of design and the complementary label.

Call me shallow, but there is something about having beautiful bourbon bottles displayed around your bar or house. Each bottle modeling for all to see.

These bottles are not in any particular order:

  • Pinhook Bourbon Vertical Series: Not the most well-known brand, but any bottle with a thoroughbred and a horseshoe on its label is fine.
  • Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon: The embossed four roses above the logo puts this bottle on the list. The bottle design is unique as the story behind the label.
  • I.W. Harper 15-Year Bourbon: Calling on the 1920s, this art-deco-style bottle catches everyone’s eye. The faceted bottle with its brown liquid and gold label pair well together.
  • Maker’s Mark Bourbon: You cannot have a list without the wax. The long-neck bottle design with the red wax dripping is iconic and trademarked.
  • Cutwater Spirits Devil’s Share: Sometimes, the bottles tell the story. The etched devil stealing the barrel is simple and beautiful all in one. No one will mistake this bottle for another.
  • Basil Hayden’s: No frills here. The paper label is attached to the neck of the bottle. Without the label, the bottle would be unrecognizable. A Vintage bottle design taking you back to the Old West.
  • Blanton’s Bourbon: This one was the easiest pick. A grenade-shaped bottle with the racehorse and rider stopper would not be mistaken for any other bourbon. The stopper is also unique as it can have a different letter displayed in it.
  • Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon: The name says it all. This pot-style design is sure to be the tallest bottle in your collection.

There you have it, my shallow opinion of today’s most beautiful bourbon bottles on the market.

Did I miss something? Let me know

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