The answer is YES! Although, bourbon glasses are more dedicated to the individual drinker’s personality and style. The older bourbon drinker may enjoy a simple classic bourbon glass, while someone new might prefer a Glencairn.

Whichever glass you pick is fine, but remember, the proper glass can change your whole drinking experience. A few glasses are designed to highlight the spirit, while others are flexible enough for cocktails. A whole other set could be used for neat pours and beyond.

There are many good options, but one true thing is that you always need to have a good selection at your home bar. Jim Beam’s Master Distiller, Fred Noe, said, “I always say you can drink bourbon any way you want to, and that goes for the glass. There are no set rules, but I like to enjoy mine in a nice rocks glass with a few cubes of ice or with a little water, too.”

Just like bourbon, the type of glass is a personal choice and if you would instead drink out of a solo cup, who am I to judge?

I am indeed no expert, but I do like giving options. Here are my Top Five list of bourbon glasses.

Glencairn Snifter

  • The Cadillac of glasses. Glencairn is often duplicated, but there can only be one. The perfect shape allows the liquid to hit your palate at the exact right spot. The inversion at the top will enable aromas to fill the nose properly.

The Sphere

  • This sphere style is perfect for drinkers who like ice. It is large enough to allow the ice to move around but enough to increase the melting time—an excellent choice for lovers who want to swirl their ice around the glass.

Rocks Glass

  • If the Glencairn is the Cadillac, the rocks glass is the Model T. A true rocks glass is versatile, as it can be used as a sipper or in a cocktail. The ice melts at an average rate and can hold many cubes or one large one.

Crystal Rocks Glass

  • Something about drinking out of crystal makes any bourbon taste more expensive. It might be the added weight or the design, but pour a $20 bourbon in this glass and it instantly transforms into a much more expensive dram.

Cigar Glass

  • A good cigar pairs with bourbon like peanut butter does with jelly. This glass is functional in two ways, it holds your cigar, and the square top allows maximum drinkability. Due to the indention on the side, the glass has weight to it, so it is perfect for drinking neat.

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