Bulleit Frontier Whiskey and American Forests announced they are extending their partnership to commit to planting and restoring 2.5 million white oak trees by 2026. These trees will help replenish the natural white oak resource necessary for the creation of whiskey barrels. They will also help combat the effects of climate change by removing carbon, purifying air and conserving water. 

In 2020, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey and American Forests announced their partnership to plant and restore one million white oak trees in five years. In 2022, the brands announced they had hit their target three years ahead of schedule

Based on American Forests’ estimates, once the 2.5 million trees are matured, they will approximately*: 

  • Restore nearly 1,825 acres of trees.

  • Store approximately 217,265 metric tons of carbon dioxide in their roots, stems, and trunks. This is equivalent to storing the emissions from nearly 24,447,559 gallons of gasoline or storing the annual energy emissions from around  27,383 American homes.

  • Remove an estimated 120,321 pounds of air pollutants from the air per year. This is equivalent to removing around 1,626 cars from the road every year.

  • Capture and filter roughly 93,440,121 million gallons of water annually, or 142 Olympic swimming pools.

Beyond replenishing resources, Bulleit is dedicated to being sustainable by design, meaning actively identifying opportunities to improve sustainable practices throughout its business. This includes hosting events featuring reclaimed furniture pieces and partnering with food composting organizations to upcycle barrels to craft barrel-aged beers. 

“Every month is Earth Month at Bulleit Frontier Whiskey,” said Sophie Kelly, Diageo Senior Vice President of North American Whiskeys Portfolio. “Year-round we remain dedicated to replenishing the materials we use to create our whiskeys and supporting the communities in which we operate. Our ongoing partnership with American Forests continues to reflect our environmental standards, and we are so excited about the significant impact we’ve made together.”

Since 1875, American Forests has been instrumental in addressing two of the most pressing environmental issues of the day: slowing climate change and advancing social equity. American Forests championed the creation of the U.S. Forest Service and persuaded Congress to provide stable funding for fighting and preventing forest fires.

“For three years, Bulleit has been an incredible partner to American Forests, committing to planting and restoring one million trees and helping to bring Tree Equity to cities around the country,” said Jad Daley, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Forests. “This new commitment to planting and restoring a total of 2.5 million trees by 2026 will enable us to reforest large swaths of land at an even greater scale, helping to restore ecosystems and sequester and store carbon in forests for generations.” 

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