The bourbon sample used for this review was provided to us at no cost, courtesy of the respective company.

My reviews are based on my preference taste only and I have said, that there is no wrong way to enjoy bourbon. 15 STARS blends 7 and 15-year-old private stock bourbons together when creating this expression. No origin was provided on the distiller.

The company’s name is an homage to Kentucky becoming the 15 Star added to the United States flag.” As stated on its website, “We combine the craftsmanship of early Kentucky distillers and their tradition of excellence with innovative and creative aging and finishing techniques to bring you the finest whiskey.”


The proof is higher than most blends that I have tried and at 107, I could tell the difference. The color was a rich caramel, which carried over to the nose. The aroma of caramel, oak, and vanilla permeated through. The taste however was overpowered by the heat of the whiskey. It completely skewed any chance of noting flavors. The finish stayed longer than I was custom to, but once the heat died down, pepper and cinnamon arose.

What is great about bourbon is that everyone has a difference of opinion when it comes to a tasting profile and I am just one person. For me, the bourbon had too much heat and I couldn’t enjoy the true flavor profile that I had hoped. 15 STARS is not one of my favorites, but please don’t only take my opinion, go try it for yourself.

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