Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

After being named the most innovative Kentucky pandemic start-up, Blue Run Spirits is adding another award to its mantle. The Hype Magazine, an urban music magazine, named the bourbon company “The Spirit of 2023.”

That is quite an accomplishment since 2022 was pretty good for Blue Run Spirits. Since signing a deal to build its own distillery, releasing multiple premium bourbons, and most recently naming Trey Wade as Cheif Experience Curator, this accolade is just another accomplishment for the Georgetown, Kentucky brand.

The magazine said, “Blue Run Spirits has established a distinctive mark since its launch in 2020. Following their exquisite design and attention to detail, from sleek lines to their beautiful premium glass and 22k gold applied directly to the bottle, spotlighting the Butterly, an icon while perceived as controversial because it may lean traditionally a little bit more feminine in bourbon, which traditionally people think it leans a little bit more masculine, it’s no surprise that their bottles stand out amongst others, capturing the attention of bourbon drinkers around the world.”

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