They say that you have the family you are born to and the family you choose. This is true when it comes to any holiday.

A new holiday tradition that has taken hold is Friendsmas (Friend Christmas). It is an awesome excuse to get your friends together without fighting, criticism of your life decisions or significant other choices. Yeah, I am looking at you, Grandma!!!

If you are hosting or going to a Friendsmas party, bourbon is always appropriate, either as a gift or as a shared beverage for the group.

Here are some bourbons that would be perfect for sharing with friends during this special occasion.


  • Made by Master Distiller Fred Noe, this bourbon combines Kentucky Bourbon, California wine, and Japanese whisky in one blended bottle.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof

  • Easily accessible, this bourbon is Wild Turkey’s top of the line with a budget price. It’s a blend of prime barrels that are combined and bottled untouched.

Maker’s Mark

  • A true classic that appeals to most drinkers, this wheated bourbon is especially good for cocktails since it mixes with almost everything. Maker’s is pretty much the benchmark when it comes to bourbon.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

  • This is a great sipping bourbon but very versatile if needed. Triple distilled and aged six to seven years, Woodford Double Oaked is perceived as an expensive brand but it is reasonably priced at around $35.

Knob Creek 9-year-old

  • Kob Creek 9-Year-Old is a small batch that is cheap and tastes good. It’s the perfect bourbon for making an Old Fashioned. Cut down to 100 Proof (but drinks much lower), Knob Creek is a great gift for the friends in your life.

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