Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Here is my list of the top bourbons from each state. Please understand, this is only my list and while there are many more great bourbons in each state, these are the ones I have tried. Taste preferences can vary, and this list is not an exhaustive ranking. Please email The Bourbon Flight if I missed any of your favorites.

Here are some highly regarded bourbons from each of the fifty U.S. states:

  1. Alabama: Clyde May’s (Clyde May’s Whiskey)
  2. Alaska: Boatright Bourbon (Port Chilkoot Distilling)
  3. Arizona: Copper City Bourbon (Arizona Distilling Co.)
  4. Arkansas: Rock Town Bourbon (Rock Town Distillery)
  5. California: Sonoma Bourbon (Sonoma Distilling Company)
  6. Colorado: Laws Whiskey House Fopur Grain (Laws Whiskey House)
  7. Connecticut: Litchfield Bourbon (Litchfield Distillery)
  8. Delaware: Painted Stave Bourbon (Painted Stave Distilling)
  9. Florida: St. Augustine Bourbon (St. Augustine Distillery)
  10. Georgia: Fiddler Unison (ASW Distillery)
  11. Hawaii: No Bourbon
  12. Idaho: Grand Teton 8-Year-Old (Grand Teton Distillery)
  13. Illinois: FEW Spirits Bourbon (FEW Spirits)
  14. Indiana: Hotel Tango Straight Bourbon (Hotel Tango Distillery)
  15. Iowa: Cedar Ridge Bourbon (Cedar Ridge Distillery)
  16. Kansas: Union Horse Reserve Bourbon (Union Horse Distilling Co.)
  17. Kentucky: Four Roses Small Batch (Four Roses Distillery)
  18. Louisiana: Louisiana Bourbon (Baton Rouge Spirits)
  19. Maine: Cold River Bourbon (Maine Craft Distilling)
  20. Maryland: 1812 Maryland Bourbon (Twin Valley Distillery)
  21. Massachusetts: Berkshire Mountian Bourbon (Berkshire Mountian Distillers)
  22. Michigan: Traverse City Straight Bourbon (Traverse City Whiskey Co.)
  23. Minnesota: Brickyard Straight Bourbon (J. Carver Distillery)
  24. Mississippi: Cathead Distillery Bourbon (Cathead Distillery)
  25. Missouri: Wood Hat Spirits Bourbon (Wood Hat Spirits)
  26. Montana: Blackfoot River Bourbon (Montana Whiskey)
  27. Nebraska: Soldier Valley Spirits Bourbon (Soldier Valley Spirits)
  28. Nevada: Las Vegas Distillery Bourbon (Las Vegas Distillery)
  29. New Hampshire: V5 ‘Small Batch’ #1 (Smokey Quartz Distillery)
  30. New Jersey: Jersey Spirits Bourbon (Jersey Spirits Distilling Co.)
  31. New Mexico: 96 Bourbon Whiskey (Hollow Spirits)
  32. New York: Hillrock EstateSolera Aged (Hillrock Estate Distillery)
  33. North Carolina: Broadslab Distillery Bourbon (Broadslab Distillery)
  34. North Dakota: Red Trail Spirits Bourbon (Red Trail Spirits)
  35. Ohio: Watershed Distillery Bourbon (Watershed Distillery)
  36. Oklahoma: SSmall Batch Bourbon (Hochatown Distilling)
  37. Oregon: Bull Run Distillery Bourbon (Bull Run Distillery)
  38. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Straight Bourbon (Wigle Whiskey)
  39. Rhode Island: South County Bourbon (South County Distillery)
  40. South Carolina: High Wire Distilling Bourbon (High Wire Distilling Co.)
  41. South Dakota: Dakota Bourbon (Belle Joli’ Winery & Distillery)
  42. Tennessee: Bib & Tucker 10-Year-Old (Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits)
  43. Texas: Garrison Brothers Bourbon (Garrison Brothers Distillery)
  44. Utah: High West Distillery Bourbons (High West Distillery)
  45. Vermont: Burnt Rock Bourbon (Mad River Distillery)
  46. Virginia: Bowman Brothers Bourbon (A. Smith Bowman Distillery)
  47. Washington: Woodinville Straight Bourbon Port Finished (Woodinville Whiskey Co.)
  48. West Virginia: Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon (Smooth Ambler Spirits)
  49. Wisconsin: Driftless Glen Bourbon (Driftless Glen Distillery)
  50. Wyoming: Wyoming Straight Bourbon (Wyoming Whiskey)

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