The big game is days away, finally “Super Sunday,” and whether you root for the Eagles or the Chiefs, the real stars of the day are the food and beverages. Make no mistake, if you are hosting the party, you will be judged on how good the spread is and if it fits in with the teams.

The Bourbon Flight thought we would help this year and I have put together a list of must-haves this Super Sunday.

I have no dog in this fight but I love good bourbon and food.

Philadelphia Eagles Party


Philly Twisted Soft Pretzels 

  • What is better than watching football on a cold afternoon with a warm, soft pretzel? Philly claims to be the first to bake the delicious bread back in 1861.

Pennsylvania Mustard Dip 

  • When you serve pretzels, it’s only fitting to have mustard. Pennsylvania is famous for its dip. The dip can be made hot or sweet and served with chicken or pork.


Philly Cheesesteaks 

  • The war between Pat’s and Geno’s rages on, but there is more to love than “wiz” or “no wiz.” What is excellent about a cheesesteak is that the toppings are endless. It’s a must-have for watching any Eagles game.

Tomato Pie 

  • A true Philly staple, this pie/pizza baked in rectangular sheet pans and minimally topped with tomato gravy is weird to everyone besides Pennsylvanians. Traced back to Sicily, the pie’s original toppings were tomatoes, anchovies, onions and oregano.



  • Tastykakes have been an authentic Philly treat for over 100 years. There are many different options from which to choose, but in my opinion, the Krimpets are superb. The company also produces cakes and other sweet desserts.

Philadelphia Bourbon 

  1. New Liberty Distillery 
  2. Hewn Spirits
  3. Four Humours 
  4. 1675 Spirits



Kansas City Chiefs Party


Chicken wings with KC Masterpiece 

  • Wings and football go together like referees and blindness. This slow-cooker recipe will allow time to watch the game and create a KC Masterpiece, pun intended.

Kansas City style Burnt Ends

  • Okay, if you have not had burnt ends, I wonder if you have had true barbecue. Since you are cooking a brisket (see below), you could do double duty and slice off the ends for a starter.



  • A properly smoked brisket is as close as you are going to get to heaven. The meat was first a Jewish cuisine from central and eastern Europe. It has become a staple in barbecue restaurants across Kansas City.

Kansas City Strip Steak bites 

  • Before it was the New York strip, it was the Kansas City strip. These two steaks only differ in origin and marrow attachment. The Kansas strip steak comes from Kansas City with a T-bone included and a tail section. Slicing it into thin strips will feed more people and keep the cost at a minimum.



  • Straight from Kansas City’s Croatian and Slovenian pastry businesses, this buttery dessert is covered in brown sugar, spices and walnuts. It’s a multi-layered bread perfect for dipping.


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