Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

On February 10th, things are getting ‘Sexy’ with the third release of Sexy Motor Oil. Series Three brings unique chocolate, caramel, banana, and cacao flavors. As the story goes, Breckenridge Brewery took our freshly dumped Bourbon Whiskey barrels and aged their Imperial Oatmeal Stout. We took those barrels back and filled them with Bourbon Whiskey and aged it for over a year, and we are calling this one Sexy Motor Oil.

This release will be the fifth time the distillery produced a beer-barreled whiskey. This original collab kickstarted a larger partnership with Breckenridge Brewery, with the biggest collaborative release in Nov. 2021 with Buddy Pass, an Imperial Stout Cask Finish Whiskey.


If the name Sexy Motor Oil (SMO) doesn’t intrigue you enough, then the story behind it will. So here we go. It is not uncommon for the Breckenridge Distillery to be confused with the Breckenridge Brewery and vice versa. That is reason enough to collaborate, but let’s set things straight, we distill whiskey and they brew beer.

SMO started as Breckenridge Brew Pub’s Imperial Oatmeal Stout. We asked Hans Stafsholt, Breckenridge Distillery’s Head Distiller, Jimmy Walker, Breckenridge Brew Pub’s Head Brewer and Breckenridge Brew Pub Brewers Stone Fisher and Suzanne Nance to tell the story about their Sexy Motor Oil beer and why we decided to turn that into a beer-barrel whiskey.


When designing the label, Founder Bryan Nolt wanted something subtle because the whisky itself was already so complex. A local artist put pencil to paper to design something simple yet “sexy.”


A few years ago now, Jimmy and Suzanne were doing a little “market research” (if you will) after a long day’s work at her husband Anthony’s bar, Kenosha Steakhouse. They cruised to talk shop and sip on the infamous Bourbon County from Goose Island Brewing in Chicago. Bourbon County is a beers nerd’s Phoenix, coveted and hard to come by, most noted for its boozy notes and dreamy smooth finish. Anthony was taking sips of beer with them and out of his mouth came….”Yummmm, this is like sexy motor oil!” Jimmy and Suzanne’s ears perked up, they looked at each other with a mutual smirk of brewer’s insider knowledge and Jimmy stated: “we’re creating a beer for that name.” And thus, Sexy Motor Oil was born. “We knew the name before we knew the beer,” said Suzanne. “Getting SMO’d is for real!”

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