The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) is holding a lottery for rare bourbons. The lottery is from May 17 to 19 and will feature four different kinds of liquors, listed below.

  • E. H. Taylor Jr. Barrel Proof Bourbon | 64.5% ABV
  • Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel Bourbon | 63.3-65.1% ABV
  • Laird’s Rare Apple Brandy 12 Year | 44% ABV
  • Weller Single Barrel Bourbon | 48.5% ABV

To participate in a Virginia ABC lottery, customers must first register for an account on the Virginia ABC website. Once registered, customers can enter lotteries for the products they want to purchase by submitting an online entry during the specified registration period.

If selected, customers will be notified by email and can purchase the product at a Virginia ABC store. Customers have a limited period to purchase the product after being selected, so checking your email regularly is important if you’ve entered a lottery.

Not all limited availability products are available through a lottery, and some may be available only in certain stores or regions. Customers can check the Virginia ABC website or speak with a store employee to learn more about the availability of specific products.

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