Sticking with the summertime theme, I had a subscriber send me this recipe last week in response to the Summertime Punch review.

The subscriber said, “This was his Nana’s favorite drink in the summer and it can be made with sweet or unsweet iced tea.” I chose the unsweet version.

  • 2.0 oz Bourbon
  • 1.0 oz Fresh Limon Juice
  • 2 Large Strawberries Cut in Quarters
  • 0.75 Simple Syrup
  • Unsweeten Iced Tea
  1. Add Strawberries and Lemon Juice to a shaker and lightly muddle
  2. Add Bourbon, Simple Syrup, and Ice
  3. Shake well until chilled
  4. Strain into a Mason Jar over ice
  5. Fill the remaining glass with Tea (Unsweet or Sweet)
  6. Garnish with a couple of halved Strawberries

In all honestly, I went into this review with high hopes. I love Strawberry Iced Tea, but this cocktail was a little disappointing. The bourbon was overpowered by the Strawberries and Limon Juice. While refreshing, I believe bourbon drinkers would shy away due to the lack of bite from the bourbon. Sorry, Nana! I hope you forgive me.

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